How to Plant Privacy Hedges 

One of the best ways to improve the privacy on your property is to plant a privacy hedge. They are an excellent way to beautify your property while preventing prying eyes. Furthermore, privacy hedges have the advantage of producing a sound barrier to lower road noise. They can also act as a windbreaker if your region experiences a lot of strong winds.  

For those who don’t know, a hedge is a row of shrubs or trees that is more affordable and eco-friendlier compared to building a fence.  

Keep in mind that creating evergreen and low-maintenance privacy hedge for your property needs some work. However, everything will be worth it in the end.  

If you don’t do it properly, you might end up hiring a tree trimmers Honolulu company to remove your privacy hedges.  

Mulch Properly 

Once you’ve planted your privacy hedge, you’ve got to ensure you provide it enough amount of mulch.  

One excellent method to suppress weeds and conserve water is 100% organic mulch. Usually, you can purchase them from a professional tree service company.  

Spread 2-3 inches layer of shredded wood mulch between the plants. Keep away the mulch from the stem of the plant to enable the water to reach the roots.  

Follow Directions When It Comes to Planting 

This might appear like an obvious tip. It’s always easy to follow directions when it comes to planting trees. However, that is not the case at all. Keep in mind that the configuration of the roots will play a huge part in how the tree is planted.  

For instance, you’ll have to till an area 5 times the diameter and as deep as the root ball if your tree is burlapped and balled. Next, you need to dig a hole 2-3 times bigger than the root ball. 

When you’re planning to plant a tree with bare roots, professionals suggest digging a straight trench and planting a tree like that. It does not matter how you plant a tree; you’ve got to ensure the roots have enough space to grow without crowding.  

Understand How Much Room You’ve got to Work With 

Where do you plan to plant the privacy hedge? Do you have enough space for a privacy hedge? Understanding how much room you’ve got to work with will help you figure out how many plants you require to avoid overcrowding.  

For instance, you should pick a plant with a spread of 8 feet if you’ve got a 20-foot-long area available.  

Before you plant the hedge, always space them properly. Consider their mature size.  

Choose Plants That Suit Your Needs 

Before you can start planting the hedges, you need to choose shrubs or trees that fit your needs. They should have: 

  • Dense and naturally low branches 
  • Well-adapted to shearing 
  • Disease resistant 
  • Evergreen for year-round privacy 

You should also choose trees that are at least 6-feet tall to get an instant sense of privacy. Know the sun and soil requirements of your property to help you narrow down your options when it comes to choosing the right plant 

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